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Mindful Cooking Workshop

Mindfulness is so much more than meditation and silent retreats. Mindfulness is a way of living. There are many ways we can incorporate mindfulness into activities that we already do on a daily basis.

Mindful Cooking Workshop is a fantastic way to introduce mindfulness into our everyday life. With this workshop, in addition to learning how to make delicious cuisines from around the world, you will learn how to incorporate mindfulness with some of the simple activities  such as cooking, eating and bring awareness to how and what we eat. Transforming what seemingly mundane chores into an experience of sensational awareness and a wonderful opportunity to train our minds to be present.

One of the most important teachings of mindfulness is awareness. Awareness of our inner climate as well as our external surroundings. Given the issues that we face as a population as a whole on this planet, it is important for us to keep in mind of our impact on the environment. Therefore, we will try to source for locally grown and organic ingredients as much as possible. All dishes offered will be vegan or vegetarian. 

Mindful Cooking Workshop is a great opportunity for family gatherings, celebrations, team building, and any life's occasions! Contact us today to find out more how we can provide a tailor-made event that best suits you!

The Making Of...

In the heart of Rotterdam, there were many trees that were deemed to be unsafe for fear of toppling over were rescued. To give these trees a new purpose, we have gotten a huge piece of one of these magnificent elm trees and made 12 beautiful cutting boards from scratch!


Here is a little video of the making of our unique cutting boards :)

Special thanks to The 2nd Layer for helping us with this amazing project and video! 

"Mindful eating is a way to become reacquainted with the guidance of our internal nutritionist."

 Jan Chozen Bays