Mindful Crafting

The benefits of handcrafting are complementary to those of mindfulness. 

Creating crafts by hand requires full concentration to be in the present moment. It also stimulates cognitive activity and creativity, which in turn, promotes productivity. It cultivates patience and acceptance. There is a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the tools, materials and knowledge that are involved in handcrafting.  Regardless of the result of the product, the joy and fulfilment from making something from scratch with your own hands is invaluable. 


Crafting is a fun way to introduce mindfulness into our daily living!

I started my handcrafting journey at the age of 7. My mother taught me how to knit and I remember I was very proud of my first, albeit wobbly, scarf. Since then, knitting and other handcrafting have been my go-to whenever I feel stressed or unmotivated. Handcrafting has taught me to be patient and be kinder with myself. It also brought me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that I get only from creating with my hands. That's the reason why I have the idea to start mindful crafting workshops. I would like to share my crafting skills and knowledge of mindfulness with you