Knitting Workshop for Beginners

This knitting workshop for beginners consists of 4 lessons:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to yarns and tools, casting on & off, knit & purl stitches

Lesson 2 - Rib, seed, moss stitches, knitting tension and connecting new yarn

Lesson 3 - How to read knitting patterns (2 ways), increasing & decreasing stitches

Lesson 4 - Knitting project of your own choice! 

Duration: Each lesson is 2 hours long 

Price: €100,- p.p. for all 4 lessons including materials, snacks and tea

This workshop is suitable for both adults and children (age 7 or above)! 

Mindful Embroidery Workshop

Mindful Embroidery workshop consists of 3 lessons that can be taken separately or together:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Mindfulness and Embroidery

              We will learn about mindfulness and practice short meditations.

              We will also learn basic stitches of embroidery and practice mindful embroidery.

Lesson 2 - Mindful Embroidery Lettering

               In this lesson, we will practice meditations/mindful movements and learn how to                       make embroidery lettering with special stitches, templates, and layouts.

Lesson 3 - Mindful Mending 

               In this lesson we will practice meditations/mindful movements and learn how to                       repair and mend our beloved clothing items that are damaged or showing other                       signs of wear. Bring along your item of clothing that you would like to repair and                     extend its life by adding your own unique touch!

Lesson 4 - Embroidery project of your own choice! 

               We will practice all the skills and techniques we have learnt from the first 3 lessons                   and create an embroidery project of your own!

Duration: Each lesson is 2.5 - 3 hours long

Price: €120,- p.p. for all 4 lessons; price is inclusive of all materials, snacks & tea